Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Urban Assault Ride

In the words of New Belgium Brewing Company; the Urban Assault Ride is, "a funky bike scavenger hunt."  The event occurs in Charlotte, NC on Sunday, September 18th.  Proceeds go to benefit the Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance (CABA) and Trips for Kids.  This is the second year Charlotte has hosted this event.  It starts at 10 AM and most riders will be finished by noon.  Bikers will cycle through Charlotte going as far north as NODA and as far south as Park Rd. Shopping Center.  The course will cover around 20 miles depending on the route in which cyclists decide to take.  A party follows with games, food, and of course lots of New Belgium beer. 

This year the ride is being held later in the year because of the weather.  Last year it was held on Father's Day in late June.  Temperatures were in the mid to high 90's.  This year the forecast is for temperatures to be in the high 70's.  What a perfect temperature for a bike ride. 

This year I will be out of town celebrating my third anniversary with my beautiful bride Jessica.  I have several friends that are riding and I am very jealous.  If someone in Charlotte has no plans this Sunday they would be foolish not to come out to this event.  This event joins my two favorite things Cycling and beer.  

New Belgium History

New Belgium Brewing Company is based out of Fort Collins in the great state of Colorado.  Jeff Lebesch founded the company in 1991 after encouragement from friends and family.  His inspiration for brewing initially started during a mountain biking/beer tasting excursion he took to Belgium in 1989.  He came home with a few ideas for a recipe and not long later he came up with the recipe for the signature beer Fat Tire. 

Jeff and his wife Kim still run the company to this day.  The company is employee owned and in 1998, a unanimous vote by employee owners switched New Belgium to wind power. With this vote New Belgium became the first wind powered brewery in the United States.  I sure hope other businesses follow the great example of great businesses like New Belgium Brewing. 

Here are a few links to find more info about New Belgium brewing Company and the Urban Assault ride: 


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  1. Your posts are doing a great job inspiring me to get out more!

    Dani @ ONNO Organic Clothing

    1. Thanks Dani,

      That is the point of my blog, to inspire myself and others to get out and enjoy the outdoors more. Unfortunately, at the moment, I am a college student and that is occupying a majority of my leisure time. That is the reason for the lack of posts and my lack of outdoor pursuits on the part of me. I graduate in May and plan to pick up the blog much more actively than. Hopefully I will be enjoying the outdoors much more than as well.